What's New

New updates and improvements to Workspace369.

Introducing: Workspace369

Changelog 01

We're excited to announce the launch of Workspace369.

Workspace369 is a platform that allows you to manage multiple workspaces from one account. You can create a workspace for each of your businesses, or create a workspace for each of your clients. You can even create a workspace for each of your departments. The possibilities are at your fingertips.

Create professional-looking invoices, accept payments, track expenses, and stay on top of bookkeeping for your business. The best part? It's free to get started!

Refreshed main menu navigation

Changelog 02

Better align your teams and partners around standardized product principles and consistent implementation standards using the latest architecture shape pack.

  • Streamline intake with workflows, templates, and automations
  • See realtime updates in Slack and get notified when your task is complete
  • Receive requests in Workspace369 in a shared team inbox

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New cloud architecture

Changelog 03

Newly created diagrams are now editable, full screen mode for more editing real estate, and both apps are updated to the latest version supporting new diagram types (eg. C4 architecture).

Create professional-looking diagrams with line jumps, making it easy to navigate complex diagrams with ease. You can also apply jumps to individual lines or the entire diagram.

Updates to the Filtering API

Changelog 04

We understand that who you've worked with in the past is often who you'll work with in the future, and are now placing a higher emphasis on making your past mentions more accessible. This means your previous collaborators will be front and center, ready for future collaboration.